HydraHand - rongcp
HydraHand - rongcp
HydraHand - rongcp
HydraHand - rongcp


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The purpose of using the handcuffs to improve the training aids for swimming techniques is to increase the level of the palm of the hand, thereby enhancing the sense of water throughout the stroke. When you are arming, the HydraHand help you to experience the appropriate stroke angle for each stroke stage. If used properly, HydraHand will play a substantial role in the study of the neuromuscular system. Repeated practice of water strokes with your handcuffs will naturally adjust the hand's stroke angle, especially for those who have not practiced paddling with a paddle.

  • Beginner swimming practice, free-style paddling and frog-style water holding and other basic actions, reduce eddy current interference, increase your control of water flow, improve the fun of practice.
  • Swimmer training helps you adjust the stroke of the stroke and improve your training efficiency.
  • The waters are rescued. When the hands are saved, the fingers and fingers can be flexibly operated in the water. When the one-handed water is swimming sideways, the stroke is more labor-saving.
  • Rejuvenation of the spa increases your buoyancy adaptation to the water, helping you complete rejuvenation in the water, reducing secondary damage and improving healing.
  • Outdoor water activities, engaged in river rafting, crossing, boating, swimming, surfing, windsurfing activities, to help you in the water activities, Zhang Jianzhi can complete effective water strokes.

Size: S M L (L for men, M for women, S for children)